Initial Questionnaire

It can be beneficial to ask yourself what you are looking to gain while you are considering therapy. This is a link to a Questionnaire that you can use to share with me what you're current challenges are: 

If you fill out the online form, I will receive your e-mail and I will contact you to find out if you are interested in an initial in-person consultation. 

Printable Version Of Initial Questionnaire

Coming Soon, a printable version of the questionnaire that is free for you to use at your discretion.


I charge $110.00 for a 50 minute session. If you are considering therapy and would like to meet with me, I offer one 30 minute session free of charge. If you decide that you would like to meet for the full 50 minutes, that day; the last 20 minutes will be prorated and cost $45.00. You can discontinue therapy at any time for any reason; however if you have a scheduled appointment, 24-hours notice of the cancellation is required.


Your personal information is confidential. I follow HIPPA compliance with all Health Protected Information and I will NOT share any of your information without your consent. There are exceptions to this. If you share information about being an imminent danger to yourself or someone else; I must keep you and others safe. I could be forced to notify someone to ensure your safety and the safety of others..

Mandatory Reporting

I am a Mandatory Reporter. If I learn of child abuse (physical or sexual abuse or neglect) which could include past or present contact with a minor, I have a duty to report such instances  to the Denver Department of Social Services.