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I've been working in the field for more than 25 years with adults, teens and children in a variety of settings. I am no stranger to the complexities of life and the challenges that come with it. 


Treatment Focus

In our counseling sessions, we will work together to better understand what is needed for you to thrive in this world utilizing your strengths and exploring your blindspots (because everyone has them). I will get to know you and your needs and together we will develop the treatment plan that helps you thrive and build the life you want.


My commitment

I commit to having your best interests at heart. 

My main goal is for you to heal and grow. 

Meet with me and find out if I would be the best therapist for you.


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Depression & Anxiety


Often when people start psychotherapy, they want their feelings of depression and anxiety to end. They want to stop feeling as bad as they have been feeling for a long time... too long. Some people have been prescribed medications to do just that. In therapy, we will explore the feelings deeply so that we can better understand what they are so vigorously trying to protect. That is the starting place towards healing.




We all need someone in our corner who is on our side especially as we are working with tough emotions. I am capable of helping you make sense of your history to help you construct the kind of future that you want and deserve.



Some people tell you that you need to heal yourself before you will be ready for a relationship. Although there is some truth in that, it is also important to remember that we are social creatures. It is important for our healing to experience it both in relationship and on our own. Our friends and family are important in the healing, but everyone needs a space that is reserved just for them. This could be your space. 

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Please contact me with questions at marcy@marcymullet.com

Marcy Mullet, LPC

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